2 Boxes Black Stick On Wheel Weights 1/4 Oz (.25 Ounces) Adhesive Tape 1248 Pcs!

Compare to Perfect, Bada, Motorcycle Street bike


-High zinc micron + epoxy double paint coating for the best rust prevention possible.  BLACK TAPE WEIGHTS

-Eco friendly, 50 state legal, zinc coated Steel tape weights.

-Low profile for best fitment and a great aesthetic look. 

-High quality PVC "Sure Stick" tape to ensure secure adhesion. 


-Each box will come complete with 52 strips.
-Each strip has 12 x 1/4 oz segments.
-Each strip equals 3 oz.



We have been selling wheel weights to the nations leading suppliers and distributors for years now. We sell containers per month (Over 4500 Individual boxes) rest assured our quality is 2nd to none! We only use PVC tape to ensure the strongest adhesion and security on our Tape weights. We use paper backing for an Easy Tear process. We also use high micron zinc levels to ensure the weights have the highest endurance in salt spray testing out there. Our anti-rust coating and PVC tape means you are getting one of the best and highest quality Wheel Weights on the market!

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